Cozy up by the fire sessions!!! What a blast!

Cozy Up Collage
Pretty sure I could live like this (until winter atleast) 😀

This was absolutely one of the most fun sessions I have ever done! Also one of the hardest, but totally worth it!

I think everyone really enjoyed their time by the fire, in fact I’m pretty positive no one wanted to leave! And everyone was rewarded with s’mores and homemade cider! Win win right!?

Thanks so much to everyone who braved the heat that happened for my sessions! Go figure it would be a low of 30’s a few days before, then turn 80 during my campfire session!

A great big thanks to my friend Crystal for helping set up all of this amazingness, and for watching your little ones so I could capture some adorable couple’s photos!

I’ve already been asked (and may I add how much it broke my heart to turn people away after these booked up in only a few hours!) YES I will be doing this again next year!!!

Thank you all again, it was a pleasure to work with every single one of you, and I hope to see you all again real soon!

PS: If you missed out on ordering my amazing holiday cards, prints, & canvases, just message me and I am more than happy to make you something fabulous! ALSO Additional prints are 20% off for these sessions only (because I want you to have them on your walls that badly! 😛 ) 

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