Spring babies!

What a spring it has been already! Just look at these beautiful families!
I’m really sitting here thinking how much of a blessing it is to do this for a living. There are so many gorgeous moments captured, and I know how happy it makes you all as well!

It was a long winter with so many unforeseen circumstances, so doing this really helps get you out of any seasonal funk quickly 😀 How can you not smile seeing these in your email, right?
Have a safe weekend, and remember to take a moment of silence for our fallen service members.


Cozy up by the campfire! North Pole, Alaska style!

Every year for the last 3 years I have done my campfire sessions, and I LOVE them! They’re cute, cozy, and I make some amazing homemade cider for everyone who comes.
These sessions are so perfect for the holidays, and perfectly timed during the fall so you can actually enjoy being outdoors!
Here’s a few from this year for you to enjoy!
Didn’t get a chance to book your own family session? Head here to book your own!

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Christmas Babies!

Something about the Holidays just makes time go too quickly! Thankfully I was blessed to photograph quite a few sweet little babies for their first Christmas! I try not to work too much during the Holiday season, but these little boys and girls give me a moment to pause and appreciate the little things this time of year. It gets so hectic shopping and baking and mailing out packages, so I absolutely cherish those moments I get to just snuggle and pose these precious little ones.

FB IMG_0066 FB web
It’s only right to have a baby Santa in North Pole!
FB IMG_0071 FB web
Those little peepers!
FB IMG_0094 FB web
And of course a little eskimo baby! We are in Alaska after all.

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FB IMG_0945 FB web
Twins are my favorite! Absolutely worth the work.

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FB IMG_0483 FB web
He must have been dreaming of sugar plums!

FB IMG_0509 FB webFB IMG_1028 FB webFB IMG_1115 FB web

FB IMG_1121 FB web
Baby smiles for days!

FB IMG_1129 FB web

Cozy up by the campfire sessions!

My last hoorah in Minot North Dakota!
I thank every single one of my clients past and present for the great 3 years we spent in North Dakota. Watching your families grow has brought me so much joy! Some of the good byes were tough, but you never know where we could end up next!

Cozy up by the fire & My last Minot Mini Sessions!

Cozy Up By The Fire Packages F

Take a little break from the rush of everyday life and cozy up by the fire! These are a perfect chance for a romantic couples session, or a sweet family photo for the holidays.
With 3 different packages to choose from, there’s surely something for everyone!
Book Here Now! Sessions sell quick!

Once you hit the “Confirm” Button on the form, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay your retainer! Your session is not booked until the retainer and deposit is paid! Again, Cancellations & No Shows will forfeit your deposit, no refunds, no questions.
And of course, S’mores & Refreshments will be provided 🙂

These will be my last mini sessions in Minot. I want to thank you ALL for making our stay here in Minot absolutely amazing. I am so blessed to have been kept busy documenting all of your family’s milestones from bumps to babies to birthdays! I have loved each and every session, & I can’t thank you all enough for including me in these special moments. (oh gosh that made me emotional!) I’ve been photographing some of your families for over 2 years, and it honestly breaks my heart having to leave you all. If you’re ever up for a road trip come and visit us in Fairbanks Alaska!