Is birth photography for you?

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Birth is definitely one of the most beautiful moments ever, not just for Mom, but for Dad too!

Women remember their labor well and the emotions (and pain) they felt, but do you remember the look on your husband’s face when he first saw the tiny beautiful baby he helped create?

When he realizes he's really a Daddy!
Or what about what your husband saw when he looked at you after you’ve just given birth to the most precious little baby on earth?

The relief you feel when you finally give birth! Because pregnancy feels like it will last forever sometimes!That first time you get to see your perfect baby!

Did you check the clock to see that exact moment they were born?
Did you see the time when they were born?

And who doesn’t want a photo of Dad cutting the umbilical cord!?
Who doesn't want a photo of dad cutting the umbilical cord?

Did Mom get to see their babies first set of foot prints?
Did you see them get their first foot prints?

Or get to see the baby being weighed for the first time?
Babies birth weight

What about capturing when Dad holds their own baby for the first time!?
The first time Dad has ever held a baby!

Mom often misses babies first bath as they’re being tended to after labor.
Mom often misses their babies first bath

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I want to be sure you have this all captured! Labor is sometimes crazy, it feels like it lasts forever, but these moments pass by so quickly!

I keep my birth photo-sessions very modest. While you’re in labor I’m off to the side, giving everyone their much-needed space. If you need words of encouragement or a hand to hold, I’m happy to offer that too.

The one concern I have heard often from Mother’s (and even Dad’s!) is they don’t need 1 more additional person “looking down there.” I can assure you, not only will I not look “down there”, that’s not something I aim to capture, unless that is something that you (the mommy to be) wants.

A typical birth session will start by having you or your significant other or family member calling me when you are on your way to the hospital, whether planned or unplanned! Induced labor can often stall for a bit before any active labor starts. I require you to alert me when mom to be is about 6-7cm dilated and contractions are becoming more consistent and any other pertinent information you feel I should know. Because I live 30 minutes away from the hospital & town, it’s important you communicate with me so that I have time to be dressed, gathered, and on my way to you.
Once I arrive I will introduce myself again, and if the environment is still relaxed and mom is not actively laboring, I will try to photograph some of the little details like your birth room, you chatting with the doctor and family, baby’s heart monitor, or cards & flowers sent to your room.

For first time parents, once baby is about to make their debut, if you’re in the hospital you will see plenty of nurses arrive, this is totally normal, and it does get a wee bit crowded. This just means “It’s happening!” And I get all  excited (don’t worry I keep myself contained). These are also the moments that literally fly by, and I try my best to capture every little detail.

After the baby has arrived & depending on your birth plan they’re cleaned off and bundled up and brought back to mom & dad for some skin to skin contact and nursing (which I highly encourage). Please let me know if you want photos of you nursing your baby. The nurses often give you about an hour with your new bundle of joy, then they are brought back to another room with Dad to have their measurements, and if you choose to do a first bath or shots, which I will accompany them to capture those moments as well. After all of those activities I again follow Dad back and if you’re still feeling up to it, I will take some photos of you and your perfect little family getting in some cuddles and loving! This is also usually when the “Baby is here” calls happen, which can often be emotional and are nice to have captured as well.
Depending on what time you have your little one, if you have other children with family or a sitter, I am more than happy to wait for them to arrive to meet their newest family member!

Birth sessions are covered for up to the first 3 hours, additional rates apply for extended coverage (price TBD).
Your birth session will include an online downloadable gallery with the edited images from your birth, and a lovely video that I make from your birth.
Customized CD’s, USB’s, albums, canvas, and specialty items are available for purchase.
(Most images will be in black & white.)

*Disclaimer* While I aim to capture all of these precious moments, I can not guarantee they will all be photographed. Once baby arrives there’s up to 6 nurses in the small birthing room at once, and it’s possible they may block my view. Most are considerate of the photographer, others could care less. To assure a well documented birth, please feel free to mention to your OB, nurses, midwife, family etc. that you’d like to keep a pathway cleared for photos as it is important to you, but as always, babies safety is our top priority! In a case of emergency, I am not allowed in the operating room with your per the hospitals policies, unless you are alone, you’re allowed 1 friend or family member in the OR with you. In the occurrence of an emergency, you will be compensated with a fresh 48 session in the hospital or lifestyle session at home. 

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