More cake smashes!

I just LOVE being a part of these little cutie’s cake smashes! It’s is so fun for me to decorate and coordinate colors to make their 1st birthdays have that WOW factor!
I also try my best to keep each session unique and special! For example, these little beauties had a similar color scheme the same week as each other, and I made sure each of their sessions were completely special to just their birthday!
Fun fact: I also hand painted the purple backdrop causing me a severely pinched nerve and some loss of feeling in my right hand. (I ordered a new drop but #alaskaproblems and it did not arrive on time!) This shows how serious I am about giving my clients something one of a kind and incredible! ❤
I do book out months in advance, so schedule your session promptly. Book here!


Cozy up by the campfire! North Pole, Alaska style!

Every year for the last 3 years I have done my campfire sessions, and I LOVE them! They’re cute, cozy, and I make some amazing homemade cider for everyone who comes.
These sessions are so perfect for the holidays, and perfectly timed during the fall so you can actually enjoy being outdoors!
Here’s a few from this year for you to enjoy!
Didn’t get a chance to book your own family session? Head here to book your own!

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Valentine Minis! North Pole Alaska Photographer

The holiday of love! And what’s not to love about some adorable kiddos dressed up for Valentine’s Day.

I am always cooking up something special for the holidays, if you’re interested in booking a session for your family head here!

Christmas Babies!

Something about the Holidays just makes time go too quickly! Thankfully I was blessed to photograph quite a few sweet little babies for their first Christmas! I try not to work too much during the Holiday season, but these little boys and girls give me a moment to pause and appreciate the little things this time of year. It gets so hectic shopping and baking and mailing out packages, so I absolutely cherish those moments I get to just snuggle and pose these precious little ones.

FB IMG_0066 FB web
It’s only right to have a baby Santa in North Pole!
FB IMG_0071 FB web
Those little peepers!
FB IMG_0094 FB web
And of course a little eskimo baby! We are in Alaska after all.

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FB IMG_0945 FB web
Twins are my favorite! Absolutely worth the work.

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FB IMG_0483 FB web
He must have been dreaming of sugar plums!

FB IMG_0509 FB webFB IMG_1028 FB webFB IMG_1115 FB web

FB IMG_1121 FB web
Baby smiles for days!

FB IMG_1129 FB web

Another USAF PCS!

Family! We all have one. We love them, we need them, we will do anything for them! Right? As a military spouse sometimes that means leaving your friends, your job (in my case my photography clients), packing up all of your belongings, and moving halfway across the world (well Alaska is pretty far away, and huge!) So that is just what we did.

2,537 miles: No cell service, holes in the windshield, almost hit a moose in the middle of no where, sparse hotels and gas stations, almost slid off a snowy mountain cliff with a heavy trailer attached to us, gorgeous views and wildlife, hotels that didn’t have parking for trailers or rooms for dogs, a new mortgage, 1 man, 2 pugs, 1 toddler, an on-edge anxious nervous wreck of a wife (me!) and 8 days later we finally made it!
I tell ya, that trip in the winter (which comes way earlier in Canada there hey!) is not for the faint of heart! But I was prepared. Plenty of snacks and food, I got Lilyanne busy bags for the trip, and of course she made her way through them all in the first day of the road trip. I also knew it would be cold so I purchased a portable potty to use in the car (stopped of course!), because I knew my child would need to go every 3 hours… and sure enough she did!  (Toddler moms, this portable OXO potty saved our trip!)
Bobby (my husband) packed the car and made sure we had everything safety wise. What would I do without him?
It was quite the adventure! I can’t quite say that it is an adventure I would take again though. I am happy to say we all made it safe and sound, and that there is absolutely nothing that can compare to the amazing views we saw during this trip!
We bought a new home and we are getting settled in!
My advice: If you want to explore Canada and take a trip to Alaska, definitely go in the Summer!

Here’s a few snaps from our trip 🙂fb-img_1746-fb-webfb-img_1763-fb-webfb-img_1757-fb-web

These little guys jumped out of no where!
Happy wild buffalo everywhere! They rule the land here, as it should be 🙂
There was a mountain behind us! You’d never know that with all this snow!
Sign Post Forest in the Yukon!
Sign Post Forest in the Yukon!
Wild Horses in the BC! Absolutely stunning
Getting closer to Alaska! Absolutely breathtaking