Christmas Babies!

Something about the Holidays just makes time go too quickly! Thankfully I was blessed to photograph quite a few sweet little babies for their first Christmas! I try not to work too much during the Holiday season, but these little boys and girls give me a moment to pause and appreciate the little things this time of year. It gets so hectic shopping and baking and mailing out packages, so I absolutely cherish those moments I get to just snuggle and pose these precious little ones.

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It’s only right to have a baby Santa in North Pole!
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Those little peepers!
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And of course a little eskimo baby! We are in Alaska after all.

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Twins are my favorite! Absolutely worth the work.

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He must have been dreaming of sugar plums!

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Baby smiles for days!

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Twin Cake Smashes! Double the fun!

I REALLY love cake smashes! The mission: Smash that pretty little cake everywhere!
Most times they love it, and others… well it’s just not their thing 🙂 But that’s ok too, because they are always cute, and such a fun experience to have captured.
What cracks me up most is when they really start making a mess, and Mom being Mom, is hesitant of the wreckage about to ensue, but I assure you, I approve of the cake going everywhere!
I provide all the pretty decorations, your bring the babies and the cakes, then this magic happens!