Spring babies!

What a spring it has been already! Just look at these beautiful families!
I’m really sitting here thinking how much of a blessing it is to do this for a living. There are so many gorgeous moments captured, and I know how happy it makes you all as well!

It was a long winter with so many unforeseen circumstances, so doing this really helps get you out of any seasonal funk quickly 😀 How can you not smile seeing these in your email, right?
Have a safe weekend, and remember to take a moment of silence for our fallen service members.


Welcome Home 69th Bomb Squadron, Minot AFB!

Deployments! Agh that dreaded word! Most military wives (including myself) have to go through them. We may not be enlisted ourselves, but I promise you we are working hard holding down the fort at home and dealing with our own battles! Parenting alone and adding to the stress of not knowing where your spouse is or for how long, and not knowing the next time you’ll hear their voice is rough! But you maintain your strong independent self for your family, because in the end that’s what this is all for ❤ Deployments suck! But true love conquers all! ❤

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